Another week has flown by and we have made more progress! We now have half a path, some flower beds and we have ordered the cover for the poly-tunnel! 

Me and a few others suspect the path is slightly curved but we think it makes the whole setting more 'authentic'... After all, it is an allotment! 

Now that I can see a layout appearing, my head is full of ideas on how to make the most of the space!

I was browsing online for some inspiration and came across this on www.thelovelyplants.com! The site secretary, Derek has also used this idea of using old tyres as plant pots aswell! There are a lot of spare tires on our plot and this is an easy thing to do! Just need to decorate them :) The possibilities are endless, jam jar chandeliers, tin can wind chimes even scarecrow competitions! 

Do you have any ideas?!


Jennifer :D

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