So today myself and Asma became brick layers and laid some paving slabs! Did a good job too if you ask me! It felt great to stand back and say "we did that"... Just from laying 6 slabs... I can't wait to stand back and say that when we finish the whole layout, InshAllah! All the people at the allotment were lovely and willing to help us, which made us feel really welcome :) I'm really looking forward to going back for round two tomorrow InshAllah. Would be lovely to see some more faces coming along to help! I'd love to see you there.

..... And it kind of wouldn't be normal if I didn't break something as soon as I start doing some hard work... AlhumdolilAllah, it was only an old rake and not my bones! Clumsy me, poor thing never stood a chance after I trod on it!! 

Jennifer :)

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